Monday, July 9, 2012

Charlotte Hook

Off to Charlotte this evening, not sure how many will be there hoping for 3 or 4 others. Charlotte is an average track as far as content, Greg Hickok always does a fantastic job of preparing the track no matter what kind it is. Hopefully Dan (Nearpass Pulling Sleds) will let us run a bit farther tonight, 269' we had at Blanchard was too short, about at bad as Fremont, never get to 250' there. We like the good 300'...315'....345' the longer the better for us!! This is only pull Greg is putting on this year and we want to support his efforts. Will try to get in cab video again and fan video, hope to post on our YouTube site tomorrow. 
FYI, we will be sporting a sign for support of Randy Hekman for Senate for the rest of the season. I know Randy personally and fully support what he is about and what he will do when elected to US Senate. If you have a moment, check out his website Randy Hekman for US Senate 


First hook for 2012

Ok, So we went to Blanchard pull (was an MTTP pull) couple weeks ago. First time with the 35" tires, was very nervous, didn't know what to expect?? Track was good clay power track. Brad, our engine builder, suggested to come off line standing on it. "Break em loose and let it eat", was his words. We were first hook so we could decline and come back third if didn't work out. We came off the line standing on it and all went great. I could feel the front tires wanting to pull back and forth (see in cab "Go Pro" video on the YouTube site, link is upper left corner of this page), it finally evened out about 100'. Larger tires kept engine RPM down, Brad likes that too :-). Ended up going 269 and some change, winning by about 20'. Good night overall. Overall was good first hook for the season.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Pictures of progress. Started him up last Friday, fired right up and sounded like a dream. Getting closer to first pull. Not sure what schedule will be this year yet, will try to post in next few weeks.

Stay Tuned!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey, we are still alive

I know it has been a LONG time. We are still alive. We will try to keep updates just a bit more current. Speaking of current.......currently we are on the hoist waiting to have engine and trans removed for a "freshen up".

Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kent City Truck & Tractor Pull

2nd Annual Greg VanHouten Memorial Truck and Tractor pull. Plan to come.
Local trucks and tractors start at 11:00 and some "beefier" equipment starting at 3:00. Bring whole family!!!
Big payouts for 2.6 Diesel & Open Diesel 4x4 trucks, 9300 Super Farm tractors, Modified Gas 4x4 trucks.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Been to a couple pulls, Williamston and Blanchard. Did well at both, videos are on our YouTube Channel. See link on top left of this page.
2nd place in Williamston behind Pat Pixley, (3) 1sts in Blanchard including a mixed 8000# open class. Once and a while ya gotta keep those diesels in their place!!
Planning to go to Lake Odessa on Saturday the 3rd. Greg Hikock pull, he always does an awesome pull. Come out and watch if you get a chance.